Thursday, March 4, 2010

The High Five Club

Ah, Happy Hour. Is there any better time of day? That was rhetorical, of course there isn't. Happy Hour is the carrot we all endure eight hours of the stick for every day, and we all have our own names for the group we celebrate it with. My current group calls themselves the High Five Club, due largely to watching way too much Scrubs when we started the group. I have no excuse for this.
Happy Hour is about the simple things. Grab a pint, something to snack on, and just enjoy a couple hours goofing off with friends. Soon all the stress of the day seems like a thing of the past. It's where you find yourself in stimulating debates such as:
"Who's hotter? Sarah Michelle Gellar or Eliza Dushku?" (Dushku)
"Why hasn't soccer taken off in this country?" (I have no idea, soccer is awesome)
"What do I have to do to get a drink around here?" (Oh, you must be at that OTHER pub)
Regardless of who you spend it with, what you call yourselves or how often you find yourself a part of it, Happy Hour is a cleansing ritual that washes off the stink of the workday. Most establishments offer specials of some kind during this time; some places do it better then others. The Ankerhaus Pub is committed to bringing out every ounce of magic this event holds, and making an already memorable time unforgettable for those who choose to enjoy it with us.

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