Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Vision

So what's the plan? What's the bottom-line vision of the Bar That Will Be?

I'm glad you asked.

Think old-world meets modern amenities. Think wrought iron and dark wood punctuated by the occasional modern fixture. Dim blue wash lights on ten-foot burgundy walls. An environment that's intimate and secure, but not claustrophobic. Enough room to stretch out and meet new people, but enough privacy to create an evening dedicated to your friends, your date, or your happy hour set.

The pub will have a balancing act on its hands; on one side of the scale, it will be the quintessential neighborhood pub, where the bartenders remember you (and what you usually drink), where you develop a favorite seat, and where you remember exactly which corner you were sitting in when that thing happened that time.

At the same time, the quality of the experience - from the beverages and food items on offer to the atmosphere and attention to environmental detail - will be something just a little above the standard. No obnoxious logo glasses. No plastic cups - ever. Every pour a ritual - even if we don't beat you over the head with it. Every uncorking done with appropriate grace and technique. You show up and enjoy yourself, we'll do our job to excellence while never interrupting to remind you we're the experts. And when you bring your friends, we'll impress them when we welcome you by name and ask if you want the usual. Infectious Seattle grassroots populism meets decadent-but-accessible Chicago showmanship.

Their neon halo-crowned offspring? The Ankerhaus Pub.

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