Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Washington Beer Biz Thrives!

It's official - Washingtonians love beer. NWCN.com posted an article yesterday that states that the Washington beer business is kicking ass, despite the struggling economy. The Washington State Liquor Control Board stated that the bar industry is on the rise, with 355 more alcohol licenses than there were 4 years ago.

In an economy that has seen home foreclosures, lay-offs, downsizing and many other businesses struggling, the bar industry is thriving. New bars are opening, brewpubs are expanding, and craft beer is bigger than it ever has been. As we continue to put together our initial investment funds, we are reassured when news like this hits. We know that we can make this venture successful, but seeing that the industry is doing so well in spite of a difficult economy is extremely encouraging.

As entrepreneurs, we are excited not only to build a business in an industry that is doing so well, but to do so in a community that values the product as much as this one does. The Northwest produces some incredible wine and craft beer, and its residents know the good stuff when they find it.

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