Monday, May 3, 2010

Irony of Ironies

Have you noticed that PBR has become the hipster beverage of choice? I certainly have. The ultimate irony here is that this product, often considered to be kitschy or on the fringe, is actually brewed by Miller.

Wino Magazine has posted a really informative article that lays it all out. It details the brewing history of Pabst (which, by the way, no longer even brews its own product), and how over the years, it went on to acquire scads of other breweries, only to end up the third largest beer company in the country.

And hey - if you like PBR, drink it. That is the best reason to drink any beer (the worst reason is drinking it out of a misguided sense of tragic irony). The whole point is to enjoy it. If your goal is to support someone other than The Man, there are hundreds of independent breweries out there that make fantastic products and are probably more deserving of your dollars.

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