Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beer Camp!

Remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Remember watching it when you were a kid and wishing that you could find a Golden Ticket and be magically whisked a way for a day to that crazy man's candy kingdom? Well, Sierra Nevada is offering you the opportunity to experience your childhood dreams - only with way less chocolate and way more beer (because now that you're an adult, you realize that drinking a river of chocolate like Augustus Gloop only makes you puke).

Sierra Nevada is holding a contest to determine who will be visiting their Beer Camp in September. The lucky winners will get to spend 2 days at the Sierra Nevada Brewery touring the facility, meeting the staff, playing with the brewery's 12-seater bicycle, AND (the best part) serving as honorary Brewmasters. Not only will the winners get a first-hand look at the brewing process, they will also get to plan and brew their own beer in the style of their choosing - anything goes.

To enter, they are asking for creative submissions demonstrating why you want to come to Beer Camp. It can be an essay, a short film, an interpretive dance - whatever. The entries will be judged on creativity and dedication, so the more out there you make it, the better your chances will probably be. Check out the Beer Camp website for additional details and entry information.

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